Launched in 2008, Heidi’s Bling is the boutique business brainchild of Rhode Islander, Heidi. More than a creative handmade accessory, Heidi’s Bling rings offer awareness. The Swarovski crystals and glass beads that make Heidi’s Bling sparkle are custom designed in the colors that support a wide variety of causes, from cancer research to gay rights.

Heidi, a clinical social worker and mother of two, considers herself an advocate. Heidi’s Bling rings are a way for people to spark conversation and share knowledge. Heidi lost her brother-in-law to cancer and feels a direct emotional and spiritual connection to the issues her work helps represent because family members, friends, colleagues, patients or pets have been directly affected by these illnesses, diseases, and syndromes. The first Heidi’s Bling awareness ring was the ‘Individuality’ ring for the Down Syndrome Society of Rhode Island, where she served on the Board of Directors. Heidi’s most popular styles are the men and women cancer awareness rings which represent the battle against all cancer. Heidi donates a portion of proceeds from these sales to local charities that support finding the cure for cancer. Heidi is also a former ‘Mrs. Rhode Island International 2003′. She made a successful bid for the crown to help publicize child abuse and neglect prevention.

Heidi’s Bling is a growing collection that’s constantly evolving. Heidi takes great pride having turned the hobby that honed her flair for fashion, into a specialty service. She enjoys making heirloom rings that represent any accomplishment. New baby, or growing family rings make great mother’s gifts. She also creates personalized bride’s maids, birthday, or graduation gifts. They are unique in nature and can be crafted for limitless occasions.